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A 2 Week Itinerary for a Holiday in Africa - Trace Your Roots in the Cradle of Mankind!

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“Africa changes you forever, like nowhere on Earth! Once you have been there, you will never be the same. But how do you begin to describe its magic to someone who has never felt it? How can you explain the fascination of this vast, dusty continent whose oldest roads are elephant paths? Could it be because Africa is the place of all our beginnings, the cradle of mankind, where our species first stood upright on the savannahs of long ago?” – Brian Jackman

This quote perfectly sums up the idea of Africa – the land of wild wonderful experiences, the birthplace of mankind, as we know it! How we wish, we could frame in exact words the feeling that you get when you explore the second largest continent in the world. The goosebumps that you get when you lock eyes with the king of the jungle on a wildlife safari or the sheer happiness you feel while witnessing the mammoth wonder of Victoria Falls?

The earthy appeal of the Masai tribe in Kenya or the stunning panorama of the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa? The truth is, there are no words for this feeling and yet it is the best thing that can happen to anybody in their entire lives! The best way to experience Africa is to visit this remarkable continent and soak in the spectacular surroundings; to be one with the African culture and return to our roots at the cradle of mankind – Africa.


Africa Cradle Of Mankind
Africa - Cradle of Mankind

When you plan your Africa travel for the first time, be sure to make the most of your journey. Most importantly, plan to visit three iconic countries of this continent – South Africa, Kenya and Zimbabwe (Victoria Falls). There are many South Africa tour packages, Kenya holiday packages or Victoria Falls travel packages that will give you the best possible experiences of this land. Experiences that will stay with you forever and make you believe that the world is indeed beautiful! Above all, plan a two-week journey for your Africa travels because when you travel this far, it is ideal to spend more time at the destination.

Keeping this in mind, we present to you a 2-week tour itinerary that will ensure that you get the best experience of Africa and cover some amazing destinations as part of your journey. So, read on and get ready for the most amazing ride of your lifetime…


Itinerary for 2 weeks

Nairobi (Arrival) – Aberdares (1 Night) – Lake Nakuru (1 Night) – Masai Mara (2 Nights) – Nairobi (1 Night) – Victoria Falls (1 Night) – Johannesburg (1 Night) – Cape Town (2 Nights) – Johannesburg – Sun City (2 Nights) – Johannesburg (1 Night) – Johannesburg (Departure)


Day 1

Begin your journey from Kenya, the northernmost country in your travel plan. Starting from Kenya, you can travel down South towards Zimbabwe. And later, finally end your journey at the southernmost country of the African continent, South Africa. Fly from your destination city to the capital of Kenya – Nairobi. (Direct flights from Mumbai take about 6-7 hours to reach the capital city). Besides being the capital, Nairobi is also the largest city in Kenya. Moreover, it is fondly referred to as the ‘safari capital of Africa’. The city remains true to its roots even today. In addition to that, it takes huge leaps towards modernity and progress. All that, with the same unique style, distinct character and boundless energy that it possesses!

Nairobi City

After you land in this thriving city, head towards Aberdares for your night stay. The Aberdares in the Rift Valley are the third highest mountain ranges in Kenya. They are well-known for their abundant evergreen forests and diverse wildlife.


Day 2

Today, you can cover some interesting sights and must-visit sightseeing attractions around Aberdares that form an integral part of many Kenya tour packages.

[tabs] [tab title="Lake Nakuru"]

Lake Nakuru

Lake Nakuru is a soda lake lying in the midst of Rift Valley. Above all, it is one of the major highlights of Kenya travel packages. Also, the main feature of this lake is the huge masses of pink/orange/fuchsia coloured flamingos! They dot the surface of the lake and form a spectacular kaleidoscope of colours. Besides the world-famous ‘Lake Nakuru Flamingos’ bird spectacle, the Lake Nakuru National Park is also an important attraction. It is a rhino sanctuary and in addition to that, it is well-known for its diverse game.[/tab]

[tab title="Thomson Falls"]

Thomson Falls
Image Courtesy -

Thomson Falls is a scenic wonder on the Ewaso Nyiro River. Something you simply cannot afford to miss as part of your Kenya tour packages! The falls were discovered in 1883 by the Scottish geologist and naturalist, Joseph Thomson who named them after his father. The waterfalls are about 243 feet high and drain from the mighty Aberdares into the Ewaso Nyiro River below. The forest below continues to thrive and flourish, thanks to the billowing mist from the continuous waterfall cascade![/tab]

[tab title="Equatorial Line"]

Equatorial Line
Image Courtesy -

The equator is an imaginary line that divides the Earth into 2 equal parts horizontally. It lies exactly midway between the North Pole and the South Pole at ‘0’ degrees latitude. This imaginary line passes through the Nanyuki town in Kenya. This spot, known as the ‘Equator Point’ is popular among tourists and you can also catch a glimpse of the ‘Coriolis Effect’ (A simple experiment that proves that you are indeed at the centre of the Earth). An interesting inclusion as part of your Kenya tour packages from India![/tab]

[tab title="Rhino Sanctuary"]

Rhino Sanctuary
Image Courtesy -

You can also visit the rhino sanctuary at Lake Nakuru National Park today! It is one of the most prominent rhino sanctuaries in Kenya known for its black and white rhino population. Since it is a small park, rhino sightings are almost always guaranteed and they can be often spotted grazing around the shores of Lake Nakuru.[/tab]



Day 3

Travel to Masai Mara National Park today – an extremely popular wildlife destination in Kenya that should definitely be on your bucket list (no matter what!) and without which Kenya tour packages would be quite incomplete! You will pass through the scenic ‘Great Rift Valley’ that will simply enchant you with its stunning landscape and astounding greenery.

[tabs] [tab title="Great Rift Valley"]

Great Rift Valley
Image Courtesy -

The Great Rift Valley is a geological feature (ridge/crack). It runs along the entire vertical length of Kenya, from North to South. Moreover, the actual intercontinental rift (Great Rift Valley is only a part of the intercontinental rift) stretches for about 6400 km from Asia right down to South Eastern Africa. The Great Rift Valley is known for its abundant scenery, unique wildlife and the Great Lakes of Africa, Lake Tanganyika and Lake Victoria. The earliest remains of ancestral humans were found right here in this valley, which is why it is known as the cradle of mankind.[/tab]

[tab title="Masai Mara Game Reserve"]

Masai Mara Game Reserve

The most popular tourist destination of Kenya is, of course, Masai Mara National Park. It is the prime dwelling for Africa’s diverse wildlife. Above all, is often included in almost all the Kenya tour packages from India. The annual wildebeest migration, one of the most amazing wildlife spectacles in the world, occurs in the Masai Mara National Reserve. This occurs during the months of July and November. This is when hordes of wildebeest make the Masai Mara their home during the migration period. Later they return back to Serengeti in November. In addition to this astounding phenomenon, Masai Mara is also well known for the unique Masai tribe. They live in this region. Along with them, a vast number of wild animals also can be spotted here during wildlife safaris.[/tab]

[tab title="Masai Mara Tribe"]

Masai Mara Tribe

The evening can be well-spent in the company of the local Masai tribe where you can get acquainted with the distinct customs, dressing style and way of life of the Masai people. The tribe has a long-preserved culture that reflects in their actions and daily lifestyle, making them a true symbol of the Kenyan culture as well. Despite western influences and technological development, the Masai people continue to stick to their traditional way of living.[/tab]



Day 4

Today’s the day when you experience Africa at its best! Have a thrilling experience onboard a game drive through the Masai Mara National Reserve.

[tabs] [tab title="Game Drive"]

Game Drive

A game drive is an adventure in itself! Moreover, it is the best way to view and experience wildlife in the jungles. A 4x4 vehicle is used for game drives that can easily accommodate 4 to 10 people. Spot various animals such as Gazelles, Warthogs, Giraffes, Zebras, Cheetahs and Hyenas. Above all, get a chance to have an epic encounter with the Big Five animals of wildlife safari![/tab]

[tab title="The Big Five"]

The Big Five
Image Courtesy -

The Big Five of Game Drives in the Masai Mara National Park are Lion, Elephant, Wild Buffalo, Leopard and Rhinoceros. These 5 animals are the prominent wildlife varieties that jungle enthusiasts and tourists look forward to spotting in jungle safaris. The term was initially coined by game hunters who found these 5 animals, in particular, difficult to hunt on foot. The Big Five animals are not just difficult to hunt but the danger involved in hunting them is pretty high too! The term ‘Big Five’ was later used by safari tour operators and the wildlife community to popularize jungle safaris across Africa.[/tab]



Day 5

After an exciting experience at Masai Mara Game Reserve, return to the capital city of Nairobi. The distance between Masai Mara and Nairobi is about 300 km (time taken to reach Nairobi is anywhere between 5-6 hours by road). On arrival, explore the city and visit some of the popular tourist attractions of Nairobi that can be a part of your Kenya tour packages.

[tabs] [tab title="Nairobi National Museum"]

Nairobi National Museum
Image Courtesy -

This prominent museum in Kenya is home to many cultural as well as historic exhibits depicting the country and culture of Kenya. The museum also houses a well-known fibreglass life-size model of Ahmed the Elephant; a symbol of Kenya during the 1980s poaching crisis. Besides these amazing relics, there are several interesting and informative exhibit halls such as Birds of East Africa, Great Hall of Mammals, Cradle of Humankind, Hominid Skull Room, Historia Ya Kenya and Cycles of Life.[/tab]

[tab title="Parliament Building"]

Parliament Building

One of the most iconic landmarks of Nairobi is the Parliament House Building! A must-visit tourist attraction that should be a part of your Kenya tour packages from India. This building was constructed in the 1950s and has a beautiful English-style clock tower that is one of its major highlights. The Parliament Building is a popular attraction since it is open for public guided tours and the National Assembly (when in-session) can also be seen by tourists from the public viewing gallery.[/tab]


You can also visit other popular tourist attractions of Nairobi as part of your Kenya holiday packages. They are Residential Area, Nairobi National Park, Karen Blixen Museum (author of the famous novel ‘Out of Africa), Ngong Hills, Bomas of Kenya and David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.


Day 6

Fly to Zimbabwe today to experience the spectacular ‘Victoria Falls’. These amazing falls are located on the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe on the Zambezi River. Victoria Falls holiday packages are the highlight of the African continent and something which cannot be missed by any traveller!

Sundowner Cruise on Zambezi River

Sundowner Cruise on Zambezi River
Image Courtesy -

Get ready for one of the most memorable experiences of your lifetime! The Zambezi River is an extraordinary feature of not just Zimbabwe but the entire African continent. This was the river that the Scottish Explorer, David Livingstone followed to discover the spectacular Victoria Falls. The best way to experience this river is to sail on one of the splendid sundowner cruises that give you a chance to witness an amazing sunset against the scenic Zambezi River.

Day 7

Today we visit the awe-inspiring Victoria Falls. The very reason we visit the country of Zimbabwe and plan Victoria Falls tour packages! One look at these majestic falls and you will fall in love! After all, nature and life instantly remind you what breathtaking is!. It will make you realize that your entire journey and the time spent in visiting this beautiful continent was completely worth it!

Victoria Falls 

Victoria Falls 

A formidable force of nature, Victoria Falls is a mesmerizing veil of cascading water located on the Zambezi River on the border between Zambia and Zimbabwe. It is aptly named, 'The Smoke That Thunders' due to the billowing mist that emanates from the force of the cascade (that almost seems like smoke) along with the thundering sound of the water hitting the rocks below. Victoria Falls is the largest curtain of falling water in the world with an astounding width of 1708 meters (5604 feet) and a remarkable height of 108 meters (354 feet). Almost twice as large as the Niagara Falls of USA, Victoria Falls is truly a spectacular wonder of nature! This well-deserving UNESCO world heritage site deserves a special place in your Victoria Falls travel packages.

After an epic experience of the world's largest waterfall, say goodbye to Zimbabwe and head to the southernmost country of the African continent, South Africa. Fly into Johannesburg, the biggest city in South Africa and the most modern and prosperous city of the African continent. The time taken to travel from Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe to Johannesburg, South Africa is roughly 2 hours by flight. After arriving in Johannesburg or Jo'burg/Jozi as it is locally known, explore some of the popular sightseeing attractions in the city. Located at the heart of the country, this vibrant city is a must-visit when you plan your South Africa tour packages.


Nelson Mandela Square 

Nelson Mandela Square
Image Courtesy -

This is the main public square and shopping centre of Johannesburg city. It was earlier known as Sandton Square. It was renamed in 2004 after the former President of the nation, Nelson Mandela. The square houses a huge shopping centre (Sandton City), exclusive restaurants and branded stores. The public square and the shopping mall form one of the largest retail complexes in Africa.

The square is dominated by a huge statue of Nelson Mandela. In addition to it, the large open space is often the venue for many national as well as international prestigious events. In their own words, the official website of Nelson Mandela Square describes it as a 'European styled piazza that commemorates heritage and celebrates international style with the warmth of African hospitality'! There are no better words that we could have put it in and one of the major reasons why Jo'burg and by virtue, Nelson Mandela Square have to be a part of your South Africa holiday packages from India.


Day 8

Begin your day early and fly to one of the three capitals of South Africa. Of course, it is none other than the stunning coastal city of Cape Town. This city is the legislative capital of the country since it is the seat of the Parliament of South Africa. The other two capitals are Pretoria (administrative capital) and Bloemfontein (judicial capital). Cape Town is a beautiful city dominated by the spectacular Table Mountains and an endearing coastline. Above all, the coastline is home to the spectacular 'Cape Point' and 'Cape of Good Hope'.

[tabs] [tab title="Historical Buildings"]

Historical Buildings
Bo Kaap Area, Image Courtesy -

Explore the city and witness some of the most iconic buildings of Cape Town. After all, they have helped shaped the history and culture of the nation. You can include some of these historic buildings as part of your South Africa tour packages. To name a few, South African Museum, Bo Kaap, Old Town House, District 6 Museum, Castle of Good Hope and Houses of Parliament. In addition to those, you can also add Cape Town City Hall, Slave Lodge, St George's Cathedral and Groote Kerk  (the oldest church in South Africa).[/tab]

[tab title="Victoria & Alfred Waterfront"]

Victoria & Alfred Waterfront
Image Courtesy -

This historic site overlooking the Atlantic shores of the Table Bay Harbour is a very popular attraction of Cape Town. Also known as the V&A Waterfront, this lively space is home to many residential and commercial establishments along with several hotels, shopping complexes, retail stores, restaurants, dining outlets and many entertainment facilities. Spread across an area of 123 hectares, it provides a perfect view of the harbour and the city, while staying true to its tagline of 'where the city meets the sea'! One of the many reasons why this amazing place should be a part of your South Africa tour packages from India.[/tab]



Day 9

Get ready for a memorable day today as you soak in some of the best attractions in the city!

[tabs] [tab title="Table Mountain"]

Table Mountain
Image Courtesy -

Table Mountain is the crowning glory of not just Cape Town but the entire country! As the name suggests, it is a flat-topped mountain looming over Cape Town, an iconic landmark and one of the most popular tourist attractions of the city. The prominent feature of this mountain is the level plateau which covers an area of 3 km from side to side. You can either take the aerial cableway or enjoy a splendid hike (if time permits) to reach the mountain top. Whichever way you opt for, one thing is for sure; the gorgeous views the mountain top provides is second to none! No wonder, Nelson Mandela proclaimed the Table Mountains as ' A Gift to the Earth'.[/tab]

[tab title="Cape Peninsula"]

Cape Peninsula
Image Courtesy -

A rocky peninsula that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean at the south-western extreme edge of Cape Town and the African continent. The northern end of the peninsula is dominated by the Table Mountains. Whereas, the southern end is where you would find the Cape Point Light House and Cape of Good Hope. The peninsula stretches for a good 52 km from Mouille point to the North to Cape Point in the South. Visit the scenic Hout Bay that offers panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean and heads to Mariner's Wharf to board an exciting cruise to Seal Island. The island is so named because of the large number of Cape Fur Seals that have made this island their home. The island offers amazing picture opportunities for photographers as well as tourists![/tab]

[tab title="Boulders Beach"]

Boulders Beach

This beach is located near Simon's Town in Cape Peninsula. Moreover, is well-known for a large number of African penguins that occupy the shores. Also, the penguins can be found at this beach throughout the year. Although, the summer season is the time when you can catch maximum penguin activity. The landscape of the beach is blessed with huge granite boulders, numerous rockpools and soft white sand. All of it together elevates the natural beauty of this beach manifold.[/tab]

[tab title="Cape of Good Hope"]

Cape of Good Hope

The Cape of Good Hope is one of the most prime attractions of South Africa tour packages! We have all heard the story of 'The Cape' and how it was renamed to 'Cape of Good Hope' by the explorers who found a trade route to India and the East from this point. It lies on the southern end of the Cape Peninsula but it is not the southernmost tip of the continent. It is a rocky headland that juts out into the Atlantic Ocean and forms the most south-western point of the African continent, if not its southernmost extremity. The Cape is replete with spectacular scenery and offers mesmerizing views of the ocean and the surrounding areas. Simply a must-visit when you travel to Cape Town![/tab]

[tab title="Cape Point Light House"]

Cape Point Light House
Image Courtesy -

The Cape Point is home to an old lighthouse which offers brilliant views from its vantage point. This lighthouse was built in the 19th century. Although, the location of the lighthouse was too high up. Thereby, making it difficult for sailors to notice its beam. The old lighthouse was decommissioned after a fatal accident. And later, a new lighthouse was built at a lower altitude with a beam so powerful. It could reach approx. 60 km out into the sea! The old lighthouse is now a popular tourist attraction with a funicular tram. The tram takes people to the top for some awe-inspiring views and then brings them back down![/tab]

[tab title="Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden"]

Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden
Image Courtesy -

This is one of the most prominent botanical gardens of South Africa and is counted among the world's great botanical gardens for preserving South Africa's indigenous plants. Kirstenbosch is also the first botanical garden of its kind. Above all, it follows the purpose of preserving the country's unique flora. It has a large conservatory with different varieties of local plants such as savanna, fynbos and karoo. The outer gardens host a beautiful collection of protea bushes. The Proteas are endemic to South Africa. Moreover, they represent change or hope in the local traditions of the country. Kirstenbosch is a huge hit with locals as well as tourists and is a definite must-visit as part of your South Africa tour packages.[/tab]



Day 10

Fly back to Johannesburg today! The time taken to reach Johannesburg from Cape Town is approximately 2 hours by flight. On arrival, visit one of the most exciting theme parks of Johannesburg - Gold Reef City.

Gold Reef City 

Amusement Park
Image Courtesy -

Gold Reef City is a large amusement park based on the theme of the gold rush. The theme park is one of South Africa's top family attractions with some of the biggest, fastest and thrilling rides and activities that you can enjoy to your heart's content. The location of the theme park is on an old gold mine. The mine was shut down in 1971. The amusement park theme is based on the Gold Rush of Witwatersrand in 1886 when a large number of miners arrived in South Africa with the prospect of discovering gold and becoming rich. The amusement park is home to many water rides, roller coasters and also the famous, Gold Reef City Casino.

From Johannesburg, head to Sun City - internationally known as Africa's premier holiday resort destination.

Sun City 

Sun City 

With an apt tagline that claims 'A world within a city', Sun City presents itself as a premier vacation destination of South Africa. It offers a host of lavish hotels, popular tourist attractions and world-class events that every kind of traveller can take advantage of! There are lots to see and plenty to do at this amazing location that will truly make you feel that you are on a holiday mode. In the evening, enjoy the casinos of Sun City and try your luck at winning some fortune.


Day 11

Today, you can explore some more activities at Sun City and get a true feel of this destination. You can try the exciting activity of speed boat ride to experience the thrill of water sports. Or else, you can join in the amazing fun at one of the water theme parks of Sun City. The water theme park at the Cabanas Hotel is known as 'Valley of the Waves'. It is famed for its super-fun rides and slides.

Cabanas Water Theme Park 

Cabanas Water Theme Park
Image Courtesy -

'Valley of the Waves' water theme park at the Cabanas Hotel in Sun City is one of the most popular tourist attractions of South Africa. The turquoise blue wave pools along with a stunning sandy beach are just what you need to relax your mind and body. There are several water slides and rides, some gentle and some adrenaline-rushing that satisfy everyone's need for having fun. The water park is so visually appealing that many travellers and tourists refer to it as a picture-perfect tropical island.

If you are more of a wildlife enthusiast, you can alternatively head to the Pilanesberg National Park. It is located at a distance of roughly 9 km from Sun City.


Pilanesberg National Park

Pilanesberg National Park

Located just outside Sun City, Pilanesberg National Park is a unique wildlife destination. Above all, it is set amidst one of the largest volcanic complexes of its kind in the whole world. The volcanic complex is home to an ancient extinct volcanic crater. In addition to the same, the landscape is scattered with abundant grassland, wooded valleys and geological features (rare rock types). It dates back to the early ages. The park is enriched with wildlife, prime being the 'Big Five' which can be spotted during safaris. A wide variety of flora and fauna that make the Pilanesburg one of the most popular game reserves of the country. Today, there about 7000 animal varieties and 300 bird species in the national park!


Day 12

Apartheid Museum
Apartheid Museum, Image Courtesy -

After a wonderful experience at Sun City, head back to Jo'burg today. The journey back to Johannesburg takes about 2 hours; Head back to Jo'burg and spend some quality time exploring the city some more. Few more popular tourist attractions are Apartheid Museum, Mandela House, Market Theater and Lion Park. You can also visit in the city of gold, Johannesburg along with it.


Day 13

Say goodbye to the rainbow nation and head back to your home city from Johannesburg. With this, we come to an end of this wonderful 2-week itinerary of Africa. Africa is filled with amazing memories and interesting insight. Thereby, this 2-week trip will definitely mesmerize you. Moreover, it will provide you with the perfect escape to trace the roots of mankind!

So, what are you waiting for? Get inspired and plan your 2-week African sojourn right away! If you have been looking for a reason to travel to Africa... then here's a solid one! It will not only be the perfect tour plan for a remarkable holiday... but will also acquaint you with the culture and history of Africa. Pack your bags and pack yourself with excitement for the most memorable journey of your lifetime... Jambo Africa!!!


January 31, 2019


Rasika Wakankar
Rasika Wakankar

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