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Fiji Tour Packages

Brimming with an exceptional opportunity for relaxation and adventure, Fiji is a perfect holiday destination for all kinds of travelers.

Located towards the northeast of New Zealand, Fiji is a small nation in the South Pacific. Famous for its sublime tropical islands and white sand beaches, Fiji is truly a dream destination for travelers. Fiji attracts tourists with its natural beauty all around and a unique sense of adventure. No wonder why people look for Fiji tour packages. With above 300 islands to visit, the country is blessed with pristine shorelines, turquoise waters, Jungle Rivers, and white sand beaches, making it look like a fairyland. 

Fiji is a set of exquisite islands which is not related to any continent. However, it is a great destination for visitors to enjoy their vacation amidst the incredible beauty and sights of the Pacific Ocean and several other tourist spots. Fiji is also a famous honeymoon destination due to its tranquility and scenic attractions. Veena World offers Fiji honeymoon packages, allowing couples to enjoy their togetherness with an enriching experience of this beautiful country. From rich cultures to white sandy beaches, scrumptious food, and friendly people, Fiji has everything to make your trip an unforgettable experience. Here, life is all about a constant giggle and joy, not all places can elicit happiness as Fiji can. Veena World provides exciting Fiji tour packages from India that allow tourists to immerse themselves in a great experience of this picturesque country.

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Fiji Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Fiji is renowned for its white-sand beaches and dreamy blue seas. Denarau Island is the hub of Fiji which is just a 20-minute drive from the airport. The tranquil island oasis is connected via a short causeway and nestled with palm trees and sandy beaches. Then comes Mamanuca Island, an island of the volcanic archipelago that’s best known for its show-stopping sunset with barrier reef; it is also an ideal place for diving and snorkelling. It is advisable to opt for a tour package for Fiji which takes care of your stays, meals, accommodations and any activities you wish to do.

The best time to visit Fiji depends on the wet and dry seasons and on how much rainfall the island nation gets each month. If you wish to take your first trip together here, booking a Fiji honeymoon package from India is highly recommended. The period from May through September/October is a good time to visit Fiji. That being said, temperatures here are pleasant throughout the year and rarely drop below 20°C.

Indian nationals do not require a pre-entry visa to enter Fiji. The visa will be issued upon arrival at the airport or at the port of entry. When you book a Fiji tour package with Veena World, everything from flight*, accommodation, meals and transfer etc. will be taken care of, rather than having to book each activity or stay and meal individually. You just need a passport and the required travel documents for a carefree and memorable trip. 

*May vary across different tour packages

Yes, Fiji is absolutely worth visiting! The island nation has a lot to offer to travellers who seek fun and memorable getaways. Bundling your hotel, flight and transfer on a travel package to Fiji makes sense as you get the option to customize your package and everything is paid for. Just sit back and relax without a care in the world. While there are plenty of accommodations to choose from, the options get limited once you reach the outer islands if you wish to have instant bookings.

Yes, Fiji is claimed to be a relatively safe destination for travellers. Staying vigilant is the key to enjoying your trip to the fullest. Rather than relying on your own, a travel package to Fiji Island is a worry-free affair as the itinerary will have everything that ensures your safety. Being a popular tourist destination, Fiji has clear guidelines and protocols in place for travellers’ safety.

Get the best deals on Fiji tour packages from India online at Veena World. At Veena World, we offer fully customizable and comprehensive travel packages as per your budget and preferred duration. Check out all the travel packages listed, narrow it down as per your preferences, check the dates on which you plan to travel, and book right away.

Once you have done that, a wonderful journey awaits you. Do visit Dravuni Island, Fiji Museum, Albert Park, and Garden of Sleeping Giant, Lavena coastal walk, Tavoro waterfall, Paradise Beach and a lot more. 

Fiji is among the best travel destinations for families with kids as there are a lot of options for family-friendly accommodations. Many resorts and stay-with-kids clubs offer full supervision. That way, parents can enjoy the downtime by visiting a variety of beautiful beaches with some pina colada in hand. For families that want to indulge in holidays, Fiji has a range of resorts to stay, many activities to do and a plethora of places to visit. When you are travelling with your family, pre-booking of the accommodation is advisable. The best way of doing that is by booking a package to Fiji from India.

A vacation of 7-10 days on a travel package to Fiji is enough to have most things covered. A vacation package for Fiji will ensure that every day of vacation is well-utilised as each day will have something exciting. A week-long stay will ensure plenty of time for your stay and relaxation in the resort. You’ll even have spare time to visit another nearby island group for surreal beaches, enchanting aura and exotic coral reefs.

Yes, we do offer customized holidays to Fiji. It is a convenient way to explore this island nation as you can pick the accommodation and stay that suits your preferences. From exploring amazing sea life and diving in limestone caves to boating, kayaking, and windsurfing – you’ll experience it all. Customizing your travel plan is also efficient as each day has some activity and visit allocated. Enquire now for tailor-made holidays. Tell us the kind of Fiji holiday you seek and we’ll plan it as per your needs.

Group tours for Fiji are becoming increasingly popular. With a group, you can experience the best of Fiji in an organized way with like-minded people. Also, the cumulative expense is divided, making the whole trip cost-effective. Groups are a great way to explore new places and their local cultures, and discover hidden gems. Be ready for serenity and natural beauty in the company of those who love travel as much as you do.

Get to know more about Fiji before booking your tour packages

Famous for its breathtaking tropical islands, Fiji is one of the most prominent travel destinations that attract people from all over the world. With palm-fringed beaches, 330 islands, flourishing coral reefs, and friendly, happy faces, Fiji attracts travelers with a desire to relax. The country presents a wide range of tourist spots and locations for all types of travelers, whether an adventurer or an explorer. With Fiji tour packages being so popular among travelers, there is no doubt that it is an outstanding travel destination. 

As the hub of South Pacific tourism, Fiji attracts millions of visitors every year. Regardless of whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a solo trip, or a family vacation, Fiji holiday packages cover several major attractions in the island country. There are numerous reasonably priced Fiji packages online at Veena World, allowing you to get familiar with the best tourist places in the country and explore everything about it. While it can be tantalizing to spend your entire time sunbathing and relaxing on the beaches, there is an abundance of activities to draw you away from the beach. You can enjoy scuba diving, snorkelling with dolphins, and enjoy many other underwater activities. Fiji is home to some of the most picturesque waterfalls, evergreen forests, scenic beaches, and mountains, making Fiji honeymoon packages quite popular among newlyweds.

Experience Fiji 

Fiji is one of the world’s most exquisite countries and a top international destination among visitors. The country is famous for its interesting history, fascinating culture, natural beauty, and laidback and relaxed lifestyle. Boost your spirits for the amazing vacations and explore Fiji for one of the most unforgettable trips in the world. Veena World with its exciting Fiji tour packages has a focus on introducing and building unparalleled trips for tourists. Post-independence in 1970, English, Fijian, and Hindi became the official languages of the country. Of all three languages, English is the highly preferred language of interethnic communication, government, administration, education, and trade and commerce. If you want to explore more about this country, you can book one of the suitable Fiji island tour packages from Veena World. 

The Cuisine

While Fiji's restaurants and resorts offer scrumptious cuisine from all over the world, the authentic Indian and conventional Fijian dishes are something not to be missed at all. You will get to relish taro, yam, cassava (tapioca), and kumala (sweet potato) as well as lamb, pork, fish, and chicken. Tea shops, food stalls, kava bars, and restaurants are ubiquitous in Fiji, providing Indian, Chinese, French, Japanese, American, Euro-Fijian, and Korean dishes. Fiji cuisines have a great impact on Fiji travel packages, attracting food lovers from all over the world. 

Culture and dance 

Music and dance are a huge part of everyday life here in Fiji. You can have a chance to experience athletic war dances, elegant fan performances, and cultural ‘meke,’ which means all types of conventional dance and songs in Fiji. Every performance normally tells a tale of legend, history, and love. 

Places to visit in Fiji

The itinerary of Fiji tour packages from India can provide you with varied experiences. Here are some of the highlights of the country that you can choose to add to your Fiji tour packages.

  • Levuka, Ovalau

Levuka is the capital city of Ovalau, the major island of the Lomaiviti group. It is also the only UNESCO World Heritage Site in Fiji. At present, Levuka is a part of many Fiji travel packages. Situated amid coconut palms and mango trees, Levuka has lots of attractions for visitors that include the Royal Hotel, the Morris Hedstrom bond shop, Sacred Heart Cathedral, and more. 

  • Fiji Museum, Viti Levu

Known as one of the best museums in the South Pacific, Fiji Museum in Viti Levu showcases the culture of the homespun Fijians, Fiji’s local history, and British colonial history. The major attractions include paintings by synchronous artists of Fiji, crocks of pottery found at the Sigatoka Dunes archaeological sites, and more. These are the parts of several Fiji tour packages. 

  • Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple, Nadi

The bright and colourful Sri Siva Subramaniya Temple in Nadi is a major tourist attraction in Fiji as well as a part of Fiji packages from India. It is the biggest Hindu temple, located in the Southern Hemisphere that attracts a number of worshipers and tourists with its captivating Dravidian architecture. 

  • Navua River, Navua

A part of several Fiji tour packages, Navua River is an ideal place for adventure lovers who want to enjoy warm-river water rafting. You can enjoy riverside views including the island site and rain forest-mountains. These are some attractions you can include to your Fiji honeymoon package from India.

  • Pacific Harbor, Viti Levu

Pacific Harbor is one of the most loved places to visit in Fiji. Home to a number of souvenir stores, arts village with restaurants and cultural exhibitions, Pacific Harbor in Viti Levu is a part of the best Fiji island package. Here, living options range from luxurious resorts to budget hotels. 

  • Bouma National Heritage Park, Taveuni

Settled on the garden island of Taveuni, Bouma National Heritage Park is famous for its mountain ridges, lush tropical vegetation, and volcanic peaks with around 1,000 feet of height. Vidawa Rainforest, Tavoro waterfalls, and Lavena Coast can be added to your Fiji honeymoon packages with prices that are on the affordable side.

Best Time to Visit Fiji

The weather conditions in Fiji can be categorized into mild and dry from May to October and hot and humid from Nov-April. Normally, October and November are the best months to visit Fiji due to fewer crowds, dry weather conditions, and reasonable prices. However, depending on your vacation types and activities, you can book your Fiji packages in any month as Fiji is the best place to visit year-round. 

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