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Sundarban Tour Packages

Away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, experience the serenity of the Ganges delta in the enthralling forests of Sundarban.

Sundarban is a swamp forest area located at the south-eastern extremities of West Bengal, and a Sundarban tour has a lot to offer to people who opt for it. The region is a result of 3 major rivers of the subcontinent converging in the Bengal basin, forming the largest mangrove region in the world. The rivers Ganga, Brahmaputra, and Meghna convulse, forming a delta basin spanning over 10000 square kilometres, of which a major chunk lies in India. To explore this interesting area, you can easily book a Sundarban tour package at cost-effective prices online from Veena World.

Along with being the world’s largest mangrove region, a Sundarban tour is also famous for the diverse flora and fauna you get to experience. With the most awe-inspiring landscapes in store, a Sundarban tour takes you to an enticing forest that is home to around 400 royal Bengal tigers and other wildlife species including some interesting aquatic life. Located in the massive delta plain, the Sundarban forest is a haven for all kinds of lifeforms, from mangrove and freshwater trees to the animalia. There is an abundant presence of saltwater vegetation and aquatic life as well due to the complex current and tides that flow through the beautiful forest. The cost of a Sundarban tour package is more than justified by the sheer natural beauty that you get to witness when you visit. To get the best experience of the forests of Sundarban, check out the different Sundarbans National Park tour packages at cost-effective prices online at Veena World. Choose the Sundarban tour package that suits your plans and get ready for a tour of Sundarban that will leave you with memories of a lifetime.

Sundarban Travel Packages

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The Great Indian Peninsula Road Trip50 Days₹2,90,000

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Sundarban Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Sundarbans is an asset for wildlife and tourism in West Bengal. That is why Sundarbans tour packages by Veena World not only cover the UNESCO World Heritage sites but also the tiger conservation efforts under the Tiger Project. There are many unknown treasures that people are unaware of, whether it is about the legends of Bon Bibi, Shah Jongoli, or the Royal Bengal Tiger. Sundarbans is also famous for medicinal plants, other wild animals, rivers, food, and habitat. Book a Sundarbans tour package from Veena World and customize your trip according to your convenience

Sundarbans is located in West Bengal amidst the world's biggest Delta and among the best places in the country for jungle safaris. Indian tourists do not need any documents to enter the sanctuary while on a Sundarbans tour. Foreigners, however, must have permission as well as a valid passport to visit the Sundarbans National Park. The same can be obtained through the Forest Department of the West Bengal Tourism Office, Kolkata.

Yes, we do provide customized Sundarbans tour packages that can be customized as per the travel preferences of our guests. You have complete control over the destination you wish to visit, your day-to-day itinerary, and even the type of accommodation you get. The price of our Sundarbans tour packages will vary depending on your holiday inclusions.

Sundarbans are easily accessible through airways and trains but the best way to reach here from Kolkata is by riverine transportation which is also the fastest mode of transportation. Veena World’s tour packages for Sundarbans National Park can have provisions to hire motorboats from Namkhana, Sagar Island, Sajnekhali, Sonakhali, and Raidighi that will take you to the park.

Actually, you can do both. The Sundarbans Wildlife Sanctuary has numerous hotels, forest lodges, wildlife resorts and jungle camps that cater to different budgets and preferences of travellers. The good thing is that you can decide beforehand while booking your Sundarbans tour. The wildlife resorts in Sundarbans can also arrange jungle safaris where you get to spot the Royal Bengal Tigers and other exotic animals.

For that, you first need to go to Sealdah, the nearest railway station to Canning railway station. The Sealdah railway station is well-connected to major cities in India, and once you reach there, you can board a train to Canning railway station which takes approximately an hour to reach Canning. You can then get down at Canning railway station and take a private taxi or a local tourism bus to the Sundarbans National Park.

Sundarbans is the largest Delta in the world which means it is surrounded by water bodies on all sides. It is a beautiful confluence of five rivers namely Padma, which is one of the distributaries of Ganges; Megha, one of the important rivers of Sundarbans; Bhairab, one of the distributary rivers of Bangladesh; Madhumati, the longest river in Bangladesh and Hugli, the most important rivers of West Bengal. Visit Sundarbans to experience the beautiful rivers during your tour of Sundarbans National Park.

The climate of Sundarbans is generally hot and humid due to its proximity to the Bay of Bengal. Summers are, in fact, scorching hot in this region as the temperature can go up to 42 degrees celsius. However, winters can be quite cool as the temperature drops to 9 degrees Celsius during the day. Moreover, the area receives heavy rainfall from mid-June to mid-September. Hence, the winter season is the perfect time to plan a romantic getaway by opting for a Sundarbans honeymoon package.

According to historians and Greek travellers, the ancient name of Sundarbans was Gangaridi or Ganga Rastra which means the ‘Kingdom of Holy River Ganga’. This forest reserve got its current name ‘Sundarbans’ because of the large mangrove trees Sundari that can be found here. Get to know many such interesting facts on your Veena World holiday package to Sundarbans.

Sundarbans is the only mangrove tiger habitat in the world. According to the recent tiger estimation exercise for 2020-21 by the West Bengal Forest Department, there are a total of 96 tigers in the region. That is why there’s a fair chance of you spotting a big cat during your trip to the national park. The itineraries proposed in our Sundarbans tour packages ensure that you go for these safaris at the right time so that the chances of such sightings are higher.

Get to know more about Sunderbans before booking your tour packages

Located at the convulsion of the grand river Ganga and the Bay of Bengal, Sundarban is the land in between. It is where the freshwater flowing with gusto from the Ganges and Brahmaputra meets the magnificent Bay of Bengal. The complexities of life here at Sundarbans thrive in the serenity and detachment from the rest of the world. A Sundarban tour can truly prove to be a great break from daily life.

Nestled deep into the delta, Sundarban is a place teeming with life. Diverse species of several categories belong to this region. Apart from the Royal Bengal tiger, there are other animals that you can come across on your Sundarban holiday package as well. Macaques, Indian Grey Mongoose, Leopard Cats, Flying Fox, Fishing Cats, Chital, and Pangolin are some of the animals you might spot with your Sundarbans National Park tour package.

When in the area, a Sundarban National Park tour is the most popular activity to partake in. The forest reserve of Sundarban is home to a number of endangered species, including the mighty Bengal tiger. With its biodiversity, Sundarban National Park is at the forefront of the conservation movement in the country.

The quaint forests of Sundarban harbour a plethora of lifeforms that thrive in this natural haven. The mangroves and forests of Sundarbans have for ages been considered as a hub for flora and fauna of the region, and if you are lucky enough, you might even spot the royal Bengal tiger amongst the shaded forest canopies as you explore with your Sundarban tour package booked online.

Experience Sundarban

With a Sundarban tour package, you will get to discover the enchanted forests and misty mangroves that are famed all over the world. The people indigenous to Sundarban are forest dwellers of the region and they have their own culture that reflects the enigmatic mangroves.

With Sundarbans National Park tour packages one can witness the natural beauty of the forests by hiking through the coastal regions, but the best way to experience the area to its fullest is by the mode of boat safaris.

Since the entire area is spread across over a large landscape of mangroves, a traditional safari just won’t do. A boat safari takes you on a Sundarban National Park tour through the deepest of the forest’s regions and as you traverse through the dense mangroves, you enter a different world altogether.

You can choose from a variety of tour packages from Veena World and select one that fits your budget perfectly for a memorable trip.

Things to Do in Sundarban

The following experiences are some that you must not miss out on at any cost on your Sundarban National Park tour:

  • Visit the watchtowers: 

    The Sundarban National Park tour is famous for its animal sightings and it is from the watchtowers where you can get the best views of the forest. There are several watchtowers constructed throughout the national park region, and based on the animal sightings they are famous for, you can plan to visit them. Sudhanyakhali and Jhingekali are the most famous for spotting tigers and crocodiles in their natural habitat, whereas Sajnekhali is a tower famous for viewing the natural beauty of the forest and for spotting a few exotic bird species, such as the kingfisher, the white-bellied sea eagle, and the pelican. Other sightings from these watchtowers include the popular Sundarban tourist spots like the ancient Shiva temple in the forests and the Bono Bibi temple, which was made to honour the goddess of the forest.
  • Go for a boat safari: 

    A boat safari is a practical and exciting way to travel across the mangroves and should most definitely be a part of your Sundarbans National Park tour packages. The boat safari takes you across the streams in the delta that bend across the mangrove forest and swirl into the heart of the national park. One can expect to spot wildlife on their safari and experience the serenity of the Sundarbans first-hand. The calming experience of travelling through the streams of the delta is unmatched when it comes to feeling peace in the heart of nature.
  • Indulge in local culture: 

    The local indigenous culture of the Sundarbans is rich and diverse. The people from the region are forest dwellers and hence live a rather simple life that is isolated from the rest of the world. The tribes in the region have their own deities, cultural practices, and even cuisine. The local food, although modest, is a great reflection of the region's culture, calm and complex at the same time.

Bono Bibi is a goddess that is worshipped in this region, and there are several temples made in her honour. One could experience this unique culture only by delving into the depths of the region. You can also find a Shiva temple in the forest. Experiencing the culture should not go amiss in your Sundarban tour package at any cost.

Best Time to Visit Sundarban

Sundarban is primarily visited for its nature reserve and the enchanting mangrove forests, and the perfect time of the year to visit would be during the winter months.

During the months of summer, the region receives heavy rainfall and the temperatures soar up to 36 degree Celsius, whereas in the months from September to March the average temperature and humidity are low which allows enthusiasts to enjoy the region to the fullest.

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