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Canberra Tour Packages

Mapping the history, present and future of Australia, is this capital city of Canberra and a perfect ‘meeting place’ for your travel dreams!

Australia’s cultural capital is a classic retreat of experiences. Dive into the world of the exceptional legacy of art, history and cuisine, all draped in exclusive experiences awaiting to give you memories for lifetime. Australia has been the dream island of almost every traveller and travelling to Australia without visiting Canberra is like waking up halfway through a beautiful dream! At Veena World, connecting this vivid nature of travellers to their dream destinations is made possible with Canberra holiday packages. 

Explore beaches, rainforests and major cities, surf-bashed coastlines of the west, and at least 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture – all under the Canberra holiday packages. Canberra tour packages from India are truly synonymous with escape, exploration, and adventure – an image that's unlikely to change anytime soon! The geographical significances of this terrain are remarkable. All the aspects that make a trip unique boast as the prominent features of this land. The ideology of exploring, celebrating travel is brought to reality with Veena World’s intricately handcrafted Canberra tour packages from India.

Canberra Travel Packages

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Canberra Frequently Asked Questions

We help you prepare for your trip and ensure an effortless and enjoyable travel experience.

Yes. Like most other Australian destinations, Canberra is absolutely safe to visit in the monsoon season. Although it is not safe to indulge in water activities on a rainy day, there are several other things that you can do. From a guided tour of places like the Australian War Memorial, the National Gallery of Australia, etc. to a shopping spree at local markets, there are several things waiting for you here. To make the most of your trip, you can choose one of Veena World’s all-inclusive Canberra tour packages.

Canberra is a vibrant metropolitan full of exciting places to see and things to do. No matter what your interests are, this city will never disappoint you. From beautiful natural wonders and famous historical landmarks to fascinating museums and beautiful architectural marvels; there is a lot to see. Here is a list of some must-visit attractions that are usually part of Canberra holiday packages:

•    Australian War Memorial

•    National Gallery of Australia

•    Royal Australian Mint

•    National Zoo and Aquarium

•    Parliament House

•    National Portrait Gallery

•    Lake Burley Griffin 

At Veena World, we offer a large collection of thoughtfully designed Canberra travel packages. While planning a trip to the capital city of Australia, you can browse our range and choose a package that suits you the best. Once you’re done with the booking, you don’t have to worry about anything. From making travel arrangements to booking the accommodation, and hiring tour guides to making a travel itinerary, our team will take care of everything.

With mild climatic conditions, Canberra is a year-round destination. However, the spring season (September to November) is the best time to plan a trip to this beautiful city. During these months, the weather remains pleasant enough to enjoy sightseeing and other outdoor activities. In this season, mornings and nights are cool, while days are full of sunshine with colourful flowers all around. If you want to plan a fun-filled vacation, you can explore our Canberra trip packages and make a booking at this time of the year.

Canberra, the Australian capital, is a beautiful city surrounded by dense forests, lush green farmlands, and several nature reserves. Due to its abundance of natural beauty, this place has earned the nickname 'Bush Capital’ and enthrals a large number of tourists from all over the world. Other than this, Canberra is also famous for plenty of things, such as iconic historical landmarks, awe-inspiring museums, and year-round fun events such as the hot air balloon festival. Due to all these reasons, it is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in Australia. If you are planning a trip, choose one of our all-inclusive Canberra tourism packages and enjoy your vacation, leaving all the worries behind.

There is no specific permit or entry requirement for visiting Canberra. However, you do need to have an original passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of tour arrival and a valid visa to travel to Australia. While booking your Canberra sightseeing package with Veena World, make sure to check the documents needed for the trip to avoid any inconvenience or issue during the travel.

You can reach Canberra from major cities through various modes of transport, including:

1.    By air: The Canberra airport is well connected to major cities such as Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne,  Adelaide, and Perth. 

2.    By bus: Many buses operate to and from Canberra to major cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, and the South Coast.

3.    By train: There is a direct train service from Sydney to Canberra, with the daily service taking approximately four and a half hours.

While planning your trip to Canberra, consider including transportation options such as flights, train tickets, or rental car arrangements to tailor your Canberra vacation package to your preferred mode of travel.

To fully explore and experience the beauty, history, and culture of Canberra, a timeframe of 2-3 days will be enough. During this period, you can explore some of the major attractions in the city including the Australian National University, Lake Burley Griffin, the Royal Australian Mint, and the New Parliament House. Additionally, you can visit the Mount Ainslie Lookout, which is a hill giving out picture-perfect vistas of the city, and explore the surrounding natural beauty. Depending on your preference, choose a suitable Canberra package from Veena World to get the most out of your trip.

Yes absolutely. Apart from offering an extensive range of tour packages, we also offer customized holidays to Canberra. With this option, you have the flexibility to plan a trip that aligns with your interests, budget, and schedule. From accommodations and daily itineraries to trip duration, you can choose everything. To book a customized holiday package for yourself, get in touch with our travel experts and plan a trip of your dreams.

To explore a city like Canberra, a group tour is undoubtedly the best option. With a group tour, you have the opportunity to meet like-minded people who can elevate your travel experience and form some long-lasting friendships. Additionally, with group tours, you have the added benefits of safety in numbers, providing increased security. If you choose to book a Canberra group tour with Veena World, you will get 24/7 support and a professional tour manager to help with any kind of assistance.

Get to know more about Canberra before booking your tour packages

Undeniably, one of the most beautiful places to explore on Earth is what Canberra can be rightly described as! The aesthetic synchronization of art, history, and culture has given birth to its incredible heritage. Australia has been the dream island of almost every traveller and travelling to Australia without Canberra is like waking up halfway through a beautiful dream! Explore beaches, rainforests and major cities, surf-bashed coastlines of the west, and at least 50,000 years of Aboriginal culture, all under the Canberra holiday packages available online. This land is a unique combination of beautiful coastal towns, amazing amusement parks and some very unique and exotic animals on the planet like kangaroos, koalas, and crocodiles. Canberra tour packages from India are truly synonymous with escape, exploration, and adventure – an image that's unlikely to change anytime soon! Canberra is a land of eccentric natural beauty. The breathtaking beauty of this land belongs to the mountains, land, wildlife, and even the tranquil oceans and can be explored through a Canberra day tour at attractive costs. Travelling is known to bring people together as we grow with every tour. Every moment you spend in this land with any of our travel packages to Canberra, even if it’s solo, connects you back to your true self. If it is with family, there’s a celebration of togetherness. All of such experiences in the world, graced as a part of this continent’s legacy, can be lived with our online Canberra tour packages. Your choice stands as our priority, be it for adventure or for leisure, for some special reason like a honeymoon or just a short escape travel, for a desire to travel alone or with family - all of it is made possible with Veena World!

Canberra is charged up with dynamic radiance that lights the entire spirit of the city. This spectacular city is a crucial inclusion of every Canberra day tour. The region full of picturesque, popular, and yet offbeat places lies in this mystical land, full of flawless natural treasures, and is the dearest choice of every travel enthusiast. Veena World has a focus of innovating and building unrivalled tours. We bring together everything best available, for a one of a kind memory and travel story that can be shared with your loved ones. Australia is a year-round destination to visit with so much to offer every time that travelling here once wouldn’t be enough! Raise your spirits as this breath-taking travel story waits to come true!

The Geography and Seasons

Australia is the only country in the world which is also a continent is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Because of the geographical location of Australia, it becomes a perfect fit for all seasons. All these seasons can be explored with our online Canberra tour packages from India. Located alongside Australia’s highest Alpine mountains, this alluring destination offers you idyllic, picturesque views with white sands, crystal blue waters, a beautiful marine life and a perfect ambience to go with it. With the help of a trip planner for their Canberra trip, one can explore some of the most beautiful destinations in the city. Veena World’s affordably priced Canberra tour packages amalgamate all such one-of-a-kind seasonal marks, making it a much-awaited trip to be taken by anyone! The Canberra holiday packages available online have so much to offer that taking a trip here just once wouldn’t content you enough!

The Culture

The Aboriginal people of Australia have a rich, living culture stretching back at least 50,000 years. Throughout Australia, you'll find opportunities to explore and immerse yourself in Aboriginal culture. Canberra local tour packages let you witness this unique aspect of the land to its core nature. The traditions and lifestyles of the people here have a different aura altogether which add a new charm to the trip. Visitors can take up Canberra package deals to explore the culinary richness of the city, which is so remarkable that it can be an unforgettable part of the Canberra local tour package available online. This land not only connects you to the cultural and traditional aspect but also to something that ties us to humanity. While looking for a trip that connects you back to yourself and nature, looking for cost-effectively priced travel packages to Canberra Australia is an obvious choice!

The Experience

Canberra city welcomes you with an incredible expression of harmony that is observed as the true culture of the country itself! The symphony between nature and modernisation is an exceptional balance that adds a whole new spark to not only your trip but also your life. The open restaurants, lively laughs, and the exceptionally soothing climate all come together in one place to make the city of Canberra. The world of new experiences awaits you in this land of surprises. This land will never disappoint you with its remarkable scenery and cultural significances. Witness the most beautiful attractions spread across this land to make an exceptional array of memories. Travelling to destinations like Canberra with the help of a trip planner to Canberra revives your soul and the thirst for travel. We at Veena World hand pick such remarkable experiences spread across the world and thrive to give you a perfect vacation full of exceptional experiences!

The Highlights

Explore that city that brings the spirit of being alive to life! The lively streets, vibrant street arts, exceptional natural acoustics, and the modernised balance make this city a perfect in its own way! With Veena World’s handcrafted affordably priced Canberra holiday packages, explore the city of Canberra, enjoy an orientation tour of Canberra. The main highlights of Canberra tour packages are the attractions like National Gallery of Australia, Parliament House, Australian War Museum, Lake Burley Griffin, and also the National Museum of Australia. Canberra portrays the legacy of the Australian nation with immense pride and thereby with no surprise it succeeds the imagery of being the capital. Canberra is traced in the trails of small lanes and array of open restaurants welcoming lively vibes and reverberating happy laughs, truly bringing the city to life. The rhythmic balance of natural and city life can make your trip a perfect memory for lifetime. You can go for one of the Canberra package deals available at cost-effective prices to explore this beautiful city.

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