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Arctic Expedition: Spotting Polar Bears amidst Breadth-taking Glaciers

8 mins. read

Most polar bears are concentrated within the Arctic Circle, making it one of the most desired places to visit by nature lovers and polar passionate travellers. Known to be prolific hunters, and carnivores, you can spot polar bears lumbering across the ice in the Arctic region. It is interesting to know that polar bears are mostly found in five major countries in the Arctic Circle and their sea ice habitat is constantly on the move. Looking like white fur in the wild, spotting nature’s best creatures is surely an adventure in itself. Many wildlife enthusiasts and travellers carry expensive cameras with the best viewfinders to capture the moment.

Best Ways to See Polar Bears in the Arctic Region

  • Arctic cruise Norway
  1. Early season Arctic cruise
  2. Mid-season Arctic cruise
  3. Late-season Arctic cruise
  • Polar bear express

Best Places to See Polar Bears in the Wild

  • Churchill, Canada
  • Svalbard, Norway
  • Kaktovik, Alaska
  • Greenland
  • Nunavut, Canada

Best Ways to See Polar Bears in Arctic Region

Arctic Cruise Norway

If you want to have an exhilarating wildlife experience, going on an Arctic Norway cruise must be on your bucket list. It is one of the best ways to see the king of the ice in their natural habitat. Often known to be an elusive star, polar bears roam in the wild sniffing the packed ice surface in search of ringed and spotted seals. These beautiful animals are active hunters during the summer and spring months.

Regular cruises are organised to different parts of the Arctic Circle such as Greenland, Norway, and the Svalbard Archipelago that are boarded by enthusiastic travellers for polar bear spotting. These cruises have planned itineraries traversing majestic sailing routes. You can expect delicious food onboard, midnight sun tours, sailing training, and more on your cruising journey.

Arctic Cruising Seasons

The Arctic cruising season begins in June when most of the packed ice melts away to give a clear view of the glacier. It allows ships to wander around the area to give the best expedition tour to the passengers. The cruise tours to spot polar bears continue during the warmest months (July and August) till mid-September. You will be mesmerised by the beauty of the Arctic region in any season you pick.

Early Season Arctic Cruise- June

June marks the beginning of the cruising season in the Arctic region when the ice melts giving way to the ship to cruise in the gorgeous sea-ice. Expect very cold weather so packing warm clothing is always recommended for the Arctic cruising experience. Cruises are packed with naturalists and adventure lovers who want to see polar bears. Mostly, the ship traverses around the highly populated seal hubs for polar bear sightings. It is rather interesting to know that polar bears start their journey to reach the northern end in search of packed ice in this season. If you book an Arctic expedition in June, you can spot happy polar bears floating on sea ice to steadily move to their destination.

Mid-Season Arctic Cruise

July and August are the peak summer months in the Arctic region, making it an ideal time for a unique travel experience. The white furry animal reaches seal colonies during this time of the year, which is the northern part of the region. Mid-season Arctic cruises are a part of world tour packages from travel companies, giving travellers a perfect opportunity to have this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Popular cruises wander around the Russian High Arctic, Wrangel Island, and Spitsbergen for polar bear spotting. These remote regions have high fauna activity during summer making it a hotspot for polar bears for hunting their prey.

Late Season Arctic Cruises

September is the latest you can visit the Arctic region for polar bear sight in the wild. Many tourists plan their trip during this time to witness the dancing Aurora Borealis lights along with the fair chance to see the carnivorous animals. Although the window to spot polar bears in September is narrow, you never know when you will be in luck to spot the nomadic one!

Polar Bear Express

Polar Bear Express is a passenger train that is operated by the Ontario Northland Railway. It covers the distance of 186 miles between Cochrane to Moosonee. The final stop, Moosonee is located on the banks of Moose River, which is known for its southernmost range of polar bears. It is interesting to know that the Polar Bear Express name is based on this fact about polar bear spotting in the southern region. Passengers can enjoy a picturesque journey on this route as there is no other connectivity to reach Moosonee, making it a remote but pristine location for nature lovers.

Best Places to See Polar Bears in the Wild

Arctic polar bears

Churchill, Manitoba, Canada

Spotting a polar bear that looks like white fur in the wild is an exciting expedition. Churchill is fondly called “The polar bear capital of the world”. It is one of the most popular places to see polar bears. The place is accessible via flights and there are plenty of accommodation options for tourists to have a relaxing vacation. The best time to visit here is the end of the summer as the polar bear colonies come to this place, waiting for the seawater to freeze.

Svalbard, Norway


Svalbard, Norway is yet another fascinating location for seeing polar bears. The best thing about this place is it has fair chances of Arctic polar bears spotting all year round. The Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard has a higher polar bear population in comparison to humans. Isn’t it interesting? Choosing a ship for the polar bear expedition is a good idea to broaden your chances of spotting one in the freezing winter or pleasant summer.

Kaktovik, Alaska

Kaktovik, Alaska used to be polar bears’ home before climate change forced them to move to other regions for survival. These days, the Iñupiat Eskimo village of Kaktovik has many polar bear visits, making it the right place to get sight of the furry animal.


Greenland is another excellent destination to see Arctic polar bears at the end of the sea. Organised cruise tours are the best bet to have a phenomenal vacation filled with polar bear spotting and other interesting experiences lined up for passengers. You will see mesmerizing packed ice and changing landscapes on your way, which is a sight to behold forever.

Nunavut, Canada

Nunavut is the west coast of Hudson Bay, where polar bears reach after their long journey. There is a huge influx of tourists to this location with the curiosity to see the marine mammals. It takes a short 50-minute flight from Churchill to reach here. If you are in luck, you can see polar bears hunting seals on the edge of the ice floe.

Polar bears are listed as vulnerable species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. With around 25,000 polar bears located in the entire world, the Arctic region is home to the majority of them. Many people book Polar Opposite tour packages to travel through the Arctic and Antarctica to see natural phenomena, enjoy wildlife, and see polar bears in their natural surroundings.

March 21, 2024


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